How to Order

Peivy Design is semi-online boutique whereas we do lot of marketing things via online, but all the ordering and dealing process will be handled by our team via offline.

If you are interested with our product that you access via Kaskus, Facebook fanpage "Peivy's Design", our blog/webite, or other promotion tools, you can contact us for further from the contact that available there.

1. Contact us via phone or email
- Our team will set the meeting for you, so you can have the private session with our designer. We can cancel the meeting if there is no confirmation from the client. We are not publishing price via phone or email to ensure there is no wrong expectation about the dress. It will discuss at the first meeting, after the client get the fix design and see the material that will be use for the dress.

2. First meeting
- At the first meeting, we will decide the design, the material, and the price for each dress. We also do the measurement. You need to bring your corset and shoes at the first meeting to make sure we can do the measurement precisely. At the deal, there will be 50% payment from the total price.

3. First fitting
- At the first fitting, you will see your dresses in unfinished condition, so it will be different with the sketch you see at the first meeting. The first fitting is to ensure that the dress already fitted into your body.

4. Final fitting
- After the dresses is really match with you from the measurement, you will do the final fitting. In here, you already can see the final condition of your dresses. Normally, you already can take the dress home. But in several cases, there's something we still need to add or there's minor reparation. In this condition, we will finish the minor needs, and after finish, we will send your dress via kurir. *or you can come again to take dress if you want :)

5. The dress is ready
- The dress is ready to be used at your special moment.

Peivy Design Team
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