Why Peivy Design

At Peivy Design, we believe that every woman is unique as God's creature. As a customade boutique, we design the dress that is align with client's needs and personality. We take your special moment as our pleasure so that we always gives our best service for each client because every moment only happen once in life time :)

Besides, here some processes we do to make sure that you receive the good quality:

1. Meet and cosult
- We have personal touch with each client to make sure we've got client's expectation of their dress. Dont worry because the privacy is secure in Peivy Design

2. Pattern
- We use Susan Budihardjo's pattern that is continuosly enhance with the newest one, so it fit you well and comfort to use

3. In time
- We deliver your dress in time, so you dont need to worry about your dresses, just be ready for your special moment, let us take care your dresses

4. Easy to order
- If you are in Jakarta, we recommend you to come to our showroom, so you can enjoy all the facility we've prepared for our clients. But no need to worry if you are not in Jakarta, we can do long distance order via email, skype, or other communication. We are experienced in doing long distance order, so wherever you are, just contact us for your special moment dresses.

Peivy's Design Team
Trust your special moment with us :)

For further info:
Ph: 0816773007
Email: peivy.peivy@gmail.com
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