Minggu, 30 September 2012

Our Beloved Designer's Wedding -Peivy & Jimmy-

Finally the day is coming, September 8th, 2012 becomes the most important day of our designer. As a designer, she has lots of dream for her own wedding, we just make it happen:)

It such a big project for us, in total, we prepare around 20 dresses, for the pre-wedding photo-shoot, the family member, and the last but not least the wedding dresses.

She chose tosca as the main theme color. Tosca is a general color that easily match to almost all skin color type, besides, it can match young and old age -since the family member will consist of much variety- and for mama gown, she chose fuchsia to make them as the central attention, besides the bride of course :)

Here we'll give you some sneak peak of the dresses:)
The first dress is for her cousin, mermaid dress with the combination of tutu and Prada lace.

The second one is for the sister, backless dress, looks pretty.

This one is for her niece, tutu dress, really nice and fresh for the teenager.

And many more..

Really happy for her. It such a great concept for the whole family. You also can make your wedding like hers. Contact our team and make it happen:)

Once again, congratulations !


Peivy Design Team

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