Rabu, 17 April 2013

Peach Coctail Dress by Peivy

There are a lot of theme when preparing pre-wedding photo-session, and we think, this year is still dominate with extravagant dress with lots of details.

To fulfill the needs of that kind of dress, our team just crate another collection for pre-wedding photo. Soft color dress, inspired by swan, the symbol of love, for the shape, and the crystal as the center of attention. It give the perfect silhouette for a woman who use the dress, slim waist and body with a catchy skirt.

Nice photograph is always supported by the object itself, so don't forget to prepare well your wardrobe, it hold the big part of your overall photo result :) You can discuss further with our designer to match your photo theme with the dress :)

Peivy Design Team

For Your Special Moments
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