Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Coctail Dress - courtesy of Ms. Ln by Peivy

Sometimes, ordering dress is just a hobby, having beautiful dress, and using it when there are special occasions, so you don't need to get panic when you close friends or families celebrate their happy day.

Like Ms. Ln and her mom, they love beautiful dress. They order their dress for being their collection if one day they have a special occasion to attend, so they prefer to make a cocktail dress, it each much more easier to match on several theme.

Ms. Ln choose a tube - peplum dress, with natural color combine with black. We use French Lench for this dress, you can see the difference, beautiful pattern of lace. And for the application, we use Swarovski crystal and several combination of crystal and beads. Very fit with her petite body :)

For her mom dress we'll show you on the next article :)
Thank you for trusting us for your special moment

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