Senin, 24 Juni 2013

Mama Gown - courtesy of Mrs. Sn - The Luxus by Peivy

There are so many reasons why our clients came to us as their solution of dressing for their special moment. Some because of reference, the other because of hear our name on website, or any other reasons. Like Mrs. Sn, she knew us from her son, who are going to get married. After doing some research on internet, he asked his mom to come to us for making the dress on his wedding.

Ms. Sn has ordered 2 dresses for his son's very special moment, so do for her. 1 cocktail dress that will be used on family dinner, and the glamor one for the reception, the wedding day.

For the night gown, we choose the mermaid cut with the red color. It is the combination of French Lace and Prada lace as the statement of the dress. We love it :) As a mom of the groom you have the right to look gorgeous, right? ;)

Thank you for trusting us for your special moment. We love to be the part of it :)


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