Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Red and Gold Moslem Gown - courtesy of Mrs. Mly and sisters (Ramadhan Special Edition)

This month is Ramadhan, Moslem people do fasting on this month. And special for this Ramadhan, in this week we will show you our Moslem collection.

Our clients for this moslem dresses are sisters, three of them are very close each other, such a nice sisterhood. They come to us to prepare their dresses for their only brother's wedding. We really love them, they are such loveable and really kind women. We are not only designer-client but like a best friend.

The wedding theme is red and gold, so we prepare the red dress for the holy matrimony and the gold for the wedding reception. Unfortunately, we only have some of the picture, but don't worry, we will show you the dresses not only in the mannequin, but with the clients. The picture will be upload on the weekend :)

Thank you for trusting us for your special moment..

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