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Wedding Kebaya - Mrs. Puti - Lampung by Peivy Design

Sometimes there is some opportunities that just come from something unexpected.
This is also happened to us, we knew our client from one of our neighbor. 

Before we met, we have worked in the same place. Our showroom in the first floor and her mom's office is in the second and third floor. But we never met each other. Fortunately Mrs. X as the owner of our places introduce us to Mrs. Puti's mom and gave a good review for us. Lucky us :)

They were coming to prepare Mrs. Puti's wedding day and for that event we were preparing two kebaya (Indonesia's traditional outfit), one for the holy matrimony (akad nikah) and the other was for the wedding celebration. 

Mrs. Puti comes from Lampung. She is our first client that comes from Lampung. Love to know a lot about how Lampung people do the wedding reception. They really love the glamor and luxurious wedding. Everything have to be glamor. Including the wedding kebaya it has to be glamor and luxurious. But no need to worry with this one of Indonesia's heritage -kebaya-. Besides its beautifulness, it also brings out the beautifulness and elegance of the user. It has its own glamor and luxurious. 

For the bride to be, it will never be the wrong decision to choose kebaya as on of your wedding attire. Mrs. Puti use white kebaya for the akad and gold - fuchsia for the wedding reception. Both of them using tails, but for the reception. It will be a long tail. Even it is kebaya, we also use the 3D application to make it gorgeous.

And here is the kebaya. Wish you love it and happy honeymoon to Mrs. Puti and husband. Enjoy the city of love in Paris :)

Peivy Design Teams proud to be part of Mrs. Puti's Special Moments

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