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Evening Gowns Courtesy of Ms. Svia and Fam – Shangrila Hotel

To celebrate the family member’s wedding, Ms. Svia and family are preparing their dress. They come on February and going to use the dress on July, so we have enough time to plan the dress well J
There are three dresses, each dress has it own character and its beautifulness.
Svia’s dress is the combination of peach and solid brown. Long dress, full of chiffon and roses at the left side. And we put the drapery on the waist to give slimmer look.

Svia’s mom choose Sabrina dress with purple color. We use the empire line cutting and draped all the top side. We put the beads diagonal and horizontal around the empire line.

Svia’s sis use coctail dress with detail around the skirt, we choose the fuchsia color.


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