Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Mom and Daughter Dresses – Courtesy of Mrs. Do.. and Baby Shalom – Sheraton/The Media Hotel

Baby Shalom wants to celebrate her first birthday so that her family came to us to discuss about the birthday party and of course their costume.
We choose red and white as the main color for the dresses and shirt for Shalom’s Daddy.
Shalom uses an asymmetric dress, short in front and long at the back side, don’t forget we put the tail for the dresses. Dominant with white color, we put the red as an obi and also for the roses that spread all the dress.
For Mrs. Do.., Shalom’s Mom, we make a coctail dress, dominant with red and combine with white as the variation. Don’t forget we put the big ribbon to make it looks different.
And the last but not least, Daddy’s shirt, we make the combination of red and white. They look so matching now J
Happy birthday Shalom..



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