Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Pregnancy Dress - Courtesy of Mrs. Gan.. - Plaza Bapindo

Pregnancy is a best gives for every woman, such the most beautiful part in life. There is a lot of pain when you are pregnant, but it will be nothing when you touch and feel the baby inside, all you can feel is just happiness.

Pregnancy is not the reason to hide and feel shy because the stomach is getting bigger, its time to show the world that you will become mom, proud mom.

Mrs. Gan is preparing a dress for her sister-in-law wedding. Around one month after we decide the design, she call us to share the good news, she is pregnant. It such the best news of the day. Soon, we set the schedule to change the design.

We choose the empire line dress so the baby can breathe freely inside. We put the detail on the shoulder, the accent from the material itself, with the combination of beads and crystal. We use the combination color, where the gold inside combine with the classic red. We love it, she is just perfect in her pregnancy :)

Trust your special moment with us :)


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