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The many lengths of wedding veils

Veil hold the important part to give the finishing touch of the total look of your wedding dress. It is not only about something cover your face at the holy matrimony, it gives the personal touch of your wedding dress as a whole.  
Many brides are often confused by the varying lengths of wedding veils, which ones suit certain wedding dress and how to wear them. Here we give you a quick insight to helping you find the perfect veil to complement your perfect wedding dress.
The Birdcage - A short veil that sits around the chin area. A more contemporary way to wear it so it sweeps across the side of the face or below the eyes. It is perfect for confident and fashion conscious bride. The Birdcage veil gives a unique and modern look. It works very well with vintage wedding dresses too.
The Shoulder Length – Ideal for a wedding dress that is ornate and very detailed on the upper half as it prevents it from being hidden, great for less formal weddings whilst keeping the tradition.
The Elbow Length – This particular style of bridal veil looks stunning with a ball gown or very full skirted dress as it ends where the skirt begins creating a wonderful silhouette.
The Fingertip Length – The most popular length worn by brides around the world. This length is flattering on all body shapes and sizes and works equally well with a range of wedding dresses styles.
The Ballet Length – Also known as the waltz  this length looks amazing with fitted wedding gowns with or without a train this longer shape does not detract away from a figure hugging gown and falls between the knee and the ankle.
The Chapel Length – Great if you’re after a long traditional veil this skims over the back of your train for a truly classical look.
The Cathedral Length – One of the longest veils of all. This veil follow you down a long aisle and is has a very dramatic effect. You will need some assistance to keep this looking its best with some help from your bridesmaids.
Or if you really want a show stopper of a veil then go for a regal one like Princess Diana wore to her wedding to Prince Charles. It quite literally appeared to be never ending as it trailed behind her wedding dress as millions of people watched in awe on the television around the world.
 After have some knowledge about the wedding veil, now you can choose which one you really falling in love with. Happy preparing bride to be:)  



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