Kamis, 15 November 2012

Engagement Gown - Courtesy of Ms. Lt.. - Tegal

A good relationship with future in-laws can be a great start to a wonderful marriage. We knew Ms. Lt was off to a good start when she and her boyfriend’s family when they first came to our showroom to discuss their wedding preparations.

Ms. Lt moved from Tegal to Jakarta where she met Rei, her soon-to-be-husband. Because of this, they are planning to have their engagement party in Tegal and their wedding in Jakarta. For these events, she needs four mama dresses, two for Tegal engagement party, two for the wedding day in Jakarta, and one engagement gown for herself.

Ms. Lt’s dress is a peach semi-ball gown dress with a full tutu for the skirt. We used a combination of lace for the application. It gives also the color combination, peach and white. Here is the dress :)

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