Senin, 19 November 2012

Family Gown and Kebaya - courtesy of Mrs. Dw.. - Karawang

After finished on their holy matrimony gown on May 2012, Mrs. Dw and her husband (yes, her boyfriend already become her husband now) come to prepare their family member dresses. It consists of their own mom and their sisters, 2 kebaya and 2 gowns in total. Their mom choose kebaya and their sisters want to look more modern in gown.

As the theme for classic, we use gold as the main color and red for the combination. Gold is a long lasting color, can match in every moment.
We make a classic elegant kebaya.

For the dress, one simple gown and one long dress. The long dress itself combination between sateen and chiffon. We put lace for the backside as the center of attention.

Its a pleasure for us for being the part of your special moment. Preparing one of the best part of others' life is an honour for us.

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