Senin, 05 November 2012

Mama Gown - courtesy of Mrs. Her.. - Ritz Carlton PP

When two people in love is decided to get married, the happiness is fulfill everyone, not only them but also the people who love them, especially the family member.

Wedding celebration is not only about the bride and the groom, but also the two family. Everyone is getting busy to make all the things perfect.

Being the part of this happiness is one of the good things of making dress :) We can feel and share the happiness. The beautiful dress on the happy woman is a perfect combination, so we love it much.

At this moment, we are preparing the dress for the bride's mom. As the theme, we are preparing fuchsia color for the dress. Since her mother such a small one, we make semi ball gown dress, full of layer, and added the tail. For the top, we give and asymetric touch, combine with lace and swarovski element.

We love her smile on that dress :) If you love her make up, it supported by Gwen Make Up Artist, you can see their profile on facebook.  Thank you trusting Peivy Design for your special moment.

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