Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Mrs. –da Dresses for Daughter’s Sweet Seventeen Party

Having searched the internet, Mrs. –da found Pevy’s Design and decided to make an appointment to come to our showroom to see out product samples and meet with our designers.

    After meeting her and her family for the first time, we already felt very familiar with them—they’re very friendly people. Mrs. –da wanted a sophisticated dress that was appropriate for use in her daughter’s sweet seventeen party.

    It wasn’t difficult to determine what suits Mrs. –da; she knows what she wants what works for her. We settled on a design and set up a second meeting to see some samples of material and colors and motifs.

    During the second meeting, Mrs. –da and her husband fell in love with the color gray  after looking at the samples we had provided. Here is the finished dress with different shades nuanced along the dress.

    We were touched when Mrs. –da sent us her thanks. We were grateful for her appreciation. It was as much a pleasure to serve her as it is with all our clients.

Entrust us with you special moments; we’re here to give you the best


Warm Regards,
Peivy Design Team

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