Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Ms. Cris Dress for Family’s Wedding Plaza Bapindo

  Ms. Cris— is a client of our friend, Hendry Tan, who is a makeup artist. The first time I met her and her mother, we hit it off immediately. Ms. Cris— needed a dress for her niece’s wedding that was to be held in November.

    Ms. Cris—, being a non-nuclear member of the family, was asked by her niece’s mother for the dress to be appropriately elaborate in terms of her role in the wedding. For this reason, we chose a combination of fuchsia and silver for the dress and adorned its brocade with Swarovski stones and sequins. A big bow on embellishes the skirt.

And here’s Ms. Cris— wearing her dress. Makeup by Hendry Tan Make up art.

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