Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

Ms Pc and Her Mom's Dresses for Family Wedding

Ms. Pc our client is planning to have a beautiful dress for her and her mom for her lovely brother's Wedding Day.

It was a surprise in our first meeting we found out that Ms Pc is the girlfriend of our designer's friend and the situation was become more familiar and close to each other :).

The party theme at this time is Blue Ocean as the main dominant color for the wedding party and Ms Pc and her Mother also use the blue ocean color as the color for her beautiful dress. For her mother, she's using light blue as the request for the brides and Ms Pc using electric blue as in the very beginning she's already fall in love with that color.

Due for family wedding dress party we made this dresses more glamor with combination of ocean blue and electric blue, we use similar color  for the payet and the crystal.

And for Ms Pc which suit with her personality which trendy and very fashionable, we choose a much more variety model with asymmetrical cutting and for the color we also choose combination of daring color between blue electric and shocking pink and we also focus on the usage of crystal rock.

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