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Mama Gowns for Wedding- Peivy Design Tips and Trick (Gaun Mama Wedding Tips)

The wedding is coming so fast and all the preparation is like chasing you,ask you to be done soon. Don't forget to put your mom's gown as the priority, because they will be the second important person after you :) Maybe this mama gown will be the "last project" you do together with your mom before you become Mrs.

Some tips for you to prepare Mama gowns:
1. Discuss who will be on the responsibility of the budget. Is it include in the wedding budget, or is it on your mom budget. Some mother, have their own budget for their dresses, because they want to choose their own dresses on that beautiful day.

2. If it is possible, it's better to take your mom and your boyfriend's mom together to the one place. Besides you will get the similarities on the design, it is also possible to get discount for make the dress together.

3. Take your mom to the designers both of you have decided, never come and decide the dress without her, you'll never know what she really likes about the dress. However, your mother is the person who will use the dress, she has to "fall in love" with the dress so she can walk confidently on the wedding day. Most bride&groom's mom also have their dream dress for their childrens wedding, don't ignore it.

4. Accompany your mom on the fitting process, so you'll also know the progress of the dress :) Besides, you'll also understand what dress your mother want is :)

The wedding preparation will be a good time if we do it with love, don't always try to make the best perfect party, but make it as yours, make it the part of your loved one. Let your wedding preparation be a nice beginning of your wedding journey. Happy preparing, enjoy every single time of "choosing" :)

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