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Mama Gowns - courtesy of Ms. Nt - Granadi Hall

Happy mothers, it is exactly describe the condition of Mr. B & Ms. Nt's mothers when they got the announcement about their children's decision to get married.

Ms. Nt contact us to make the dresses for her mom and her boyfriend's mom. And we finally meet on a meeting to discuss about the dresses they needs for the wedding day.

There is another challenge to handle the mama gown, especially for them who come together. Different types of body, taste, personality, etc. But it is the right decision to bring them together at one place to make the dress, so you can get two dresses with different design but still at the same them, with clear similarities. You don't need to worry that there will be huge differentiation between your mother and mother in law :)

Ms. Nt choose turquoise as the color theme. Her mom and her boyfriend's mom looks friendly each other. It becomes fun to have meeting with the families that already get close, so it's easier to share what dress you really want, besides we can analyze the personality to support the design overall.

When they are coming, they just falling in love with the dresses at the showroom! So they choose to make their dress similar with some adjustment.

The first dress is mermaid dress. Since the original dress is for young lady, we custom the bottom part with the soft one, so it becomes flowy. And also for the top, we choose shanghai collar, to make the total look classy elegant.

The second dress is sun ray dress. Unintentionally, both of them like shanghai collar, so we also make the shanghai collar for the second dress, with short arm. Here is the picture :) thank you

Happy Wedding dear Mr&Mrs. B
It's an honor for Us to be part of Your Special Moments

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