Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Family Gown - courtesy of Mawi.. Family - Balai Kartini

For her wedding day, Ms. Dy preparing the needed of her family dresses by herself and finally Ms. Dy is trusting us to handle the dresses for her sister, sister in law, niece, and for her best friends that will become the bridesmaid. She such a detail and perfectionist bride-to-be, very nice to know her, She knows exactly what she want for her wedding, and gives us spaces to make the dresses that fitted for her families and best friends on her wedding day.

Before make and decide what dress should be made, our designer has meeting with each client to know each other and what dress they really want. And finally, the design is decide by the client from our suggestion.

Her sister in law, Mrs. Svi and her daughter make 2 dresses for each of them, 1 for the holy matrimony, and the rest is for the wedding party. The theme color is pink, so we are preparing pink evening gown.

We also make 2 dresses for her lil' sis, Ms. Vy. At the holy matrimony, Ms. Vy takes a role as the bridesmaid, so we make it similar to them with different material since she was the maid of honor.
And for the wedding party, we also take the pink as the major color, we combine the soft and pink together.

We are so happy to be the part of the special moment, each of them such a very nice woman, love it :)
Thank you for the trust, happy wedding for Mrs. Dy, happily ever after for you and husband :)

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