Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

1st Mother Night Gown - courtesy of Na Family - Balai Kartini

As the bride to be, Ms. Na is preparing all the things about her wedding, including her mom and family dresses. Her wedidng is on January 2013 and she contact us from Mei 2012 to book the date since January is the favorable month for people to celebrate the wedding day.

Ms. Na contact us to set up meeting to discuss about the family dress, 4 for the bride and groom mother, and 4 for the sisters. When they are coming, unexpectedly, her boyfriend that will become the groom is our designer's old friend. The world is just too small :)

The family and Ms. Na herself such a friendly person, all of them are very nice, that makes the meeting full of fun. We decide the dress one by one by their character, interest, and also the body itself.

Red is never die, always be the favourite for the wedding, Ms. Na choose the red combine with silver for the night gown. Her mom is falling in love with big-bow at the center of the dress, create the contra opinion because it is not a common one. But since she has a proportional shape, we sure it will be nice and fit with her. Voila, the dress is like born to her :)

The last but not least is the groom's mother. We choose the slimmer shape for her, with the drapery combination. She is just look different :)

Thank you for the trust on making all the dress for your important special moment :) we love to be the part of your happiness. Happy wedding dear Mrs. Na & Mr. Ed :)

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