Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Evening Gown - Prewed Collection - Peivy Design

Nowadays, pre-wedding photo become more important than before. Every couple prepare their best for this pre-wedding shoot. Besides choosing the right photographer, it is very important to prepare the dress maximally. Nice photo cannot stand alone without proper wardrobe. Make sure that you get the right stylist to help you prepare all the costume you need.

As a customade dress boutique, we also concern about the pre-wedding dress. We love to hear the concept and prepare the dress that fit perfectly to you and your photograph.
Since we are focusing on evening and haute couture gown, we prefer the classic concept photo. Fortunately, nowadays classic photograph become the most popular one.

Happy preparing for you guys who will get married. Just enjoy the preparation. Preparing the pre-wedding photo is the best opportunities to have shopping ;) best moment right :)

Here is one of our pre-wedding dress collection. Hope you love it :)

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