Senin, 18 Maret 2013

Pregnancy Dress and Evening Gown - Courtesy of Mrs. Dv and Mom - Bandung

Meeting the pregnancy woman is always become the fun meeting, they always have the big smile, positive energy, and the spirit to share the story about their story. Some have an easy pregnancy, some followed by sickness, but still pregnancy is the wonderful experience, maybe the greatest experience the woman can have in their life.

At her 4 month of pregnancy, Mrs. Dv come to us, she just realize that her cousin will get married and she hasn't prepare the dress for the wedding. We just discuss for the dress. Mrs. Dv such a friendly person, its very easy to communicate with her. And secret, she loves cooking, so do her husband. What a happy family :)

For the dress itself, mostly we suggest the empire line cutting for the pregnancy mom, to give the space for the womb in the stomach, so it has the space and more comfortable for mom also. Here is her dress.

And don't forget Mrs. Dv mom, she comes to accompany Mrs. Dv and finally decided to make one dress also for her. Ya, because they have quite a close relationship with the big family member so it is a good thing to prepare well. We choose the purple color to adjust with the party theme.

Thank you for Mrs. Dv and Mom, its a pleasure to meet you :)

PS: For pregnancy gown, Peivy Design will do measurement and production one month before the event date. But it's advisable to our client to do booking at least few months before to make sure that we still have available slot to received the order Thank you

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