Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Multi-Function Evening Gown - Courtesy of Mrs. Li - Redtop Hotel

There is two biggest part in wedding celebration, the first one is the wedding party itself, and the second one is the holy matrimony. Most of us will prepare two dresses to attend these event, especially when it is the celebration of our main family. We want to use the best one for them.

Mrs. Li is preparing her brother wedding, and also the dress for herself so that she contact us to handle her dress. For these two ceremonial, she has an idea to make it one dress with two functions, so she doesn't need to change the dress. Practice and simple.

We make a cocktail dress with additional long skirt for the bight reception, so it can be long-dress. We use the combination of swarovski crystal to make it glamor and elegant. Really love to talk with Mrs. Li, she's such a friendly and nice woman to talk with.

Here is the dress :) we love to listen from you, just share what dress you want, our pleasure to make it for you..

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